Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Living by The Truth

Realization of Truth; the ‘Gyana’, and constant commitment to it brings stability and constant happiness.
Those who remember and stay with the ‘Truth’ at every moment, and constantly experience it - think and act wisely according to the Gyana – do not have fluctuations and instabilities in their mind. Their mind is always calm and peaceful. Not only they enjoy the bliss and constant happiness themselves, they spread it around as well; to everyone they come in contact with.

On the other hand, those, who have the Gyana - who might know the Truth, but do not really experience it - may not be able to retain constant happiness. They might take on falsehood to impress others, and make false claims to prove and defend themselves, but it does not last for long.
Not just the Gyana (the knowledge) but constant commitment for truth brings constant happiness. For those, who are constantly with the Truth, there are no fluctuations in their mind, nor any variations in their happiness and contentment.

“Just like a lamp in a covered sheltered place does not flicker,
Similar is the simile of a yogi practicing yoga (Union with Almighty) with undisturbed controlled mind.”
||Bhagvad Gita 6:19 ||

 Those who are committed to live by the Truth, can neither be influenced by others, nor by the adverse situations they are faced with. Their mind is always focused on the ‘Truth and Truthful Living’.

'Rajan Sachdeva' 


  1. Very true. Our constant reminder of life should be governed by principle. DHJ

  2. Thank you ji for wonderful advice.

  3. Rev. Rajan Sachdeva Jee . Thanks for Ur. Excellent Thoughts about Living by the Truth .
    Premjit Singh & Satwant Kaur .

  4. It's a beautiful truth! Thanks for the reminder! Dhan Nirankar ji

  5. Thank you ji. I needed this today. Ramesh Kanwal

  6. Rnotn ji,
    This is yet another enlightening posting from you.
    A Yogi practicing YOGA (Union with Almighty) appears physically living here but if you look carefully in their eyes, then you can see and feel that mentally (and spiritually) they are not here. They are in a state as said by Guru Nanak "Naam Khumari Nanaka CHARHI RAHE DIN RAAT". In that state it is Only their SHADOWY APPEARANCE (per say) that we see and the depth in their eyes is so deep that it can not be measured. In that state no individuals or circumstances can affect their mind...........
    Gian Kanda

  7. Rajan ji,
    I APOLOGISE that I mistyped spelling of your name above.

    Gian Kanda


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