Tuesday, May 16, 2017

All Great People Think Alike

Brahmaarpanam Brahm Havi, Brahm-agnau Brahmnahutam 
Brahmaiv Taina Gantavyam  Brahm Karma Samaadhina
                                                               Bhagavad Gita 4: 24

“Brahm is the oblation; the offering or presentation 
Brahm is the Ghee or Saamagri (the objects of offerings), 
Brahm Himself is the Agni; Fire - in which the offerings are poured when yagna (action) is performed.
Brahm verily shall be reached by the one who always sees Brahm in all actions.”               
                                                                  (Bhagavad Gita 4: 24)

In other words, in the eyes of a perfect sage, Truth alone exists and everything else is delusion. For him the performer; provider and receiver, the objects of offerings and even the Karma; the action – all are same. 
He sees God behind everything. 

Aape knadaa tol taraazi, aape tolanhaara
Aape vaikhai aape boojhai, Aape hai vanjaara
He himself is the scale, Himself is the weights
He Himself is the seer, Himself is the knower
And He himself is the trader.

khud Kooza-O, Khud Kooza Gar-O, Khud Gil-e-Kooza Khud Rind-O Subu Kush 
Khud Bar Sar-e-Aan Kooza Kharidaar Bar Amad Ba Shikast O Ravaan Shud.”

He Himself is the vessel and its maker and the clay it’s made from; And He is the celebrator - 
drinking from it…
He himself is the one who buys this vessel and breaks it after having drunk from it. 

In other words, the Creator and the creations are one: 
“Sabh Gobind hai Sabh Gobind hai – Gobind bin nahin koi” 
                                                                            (Sant Namdev ji)

We need to evolve to reach a level where the maker and the medium; 
creator and creation become one.
                           ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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