Sunday, May 21, 2017

Act of Kindness

Any act of kindness may not be really an act of kindness if:

  •    It's done without wisdom
  •    Or there is any kind of selfish motive behind it. 

1.  A child (or a monkey) saw a fish swimming in a stream of water and thought it was drowning 
and struggling to come out. So, he took the fish out of water and placed it on the ground.

2.  A leader gathered hundred poor men who could not afford even food or clothing, and gave them 
a thousand rupees each to throw stones and create disturbance at his opponent's premises.

In the first scenario, the child's intentions were very good but he had no wisdom. 
So, his act of kindness actually turned out to be a cruel one which ended in the death of the fish 
he was trying to save.

In the second scenario, the money given to the group of poor people would surely have done some 
good for them - to help them buy food and clothing for their families - but the rich and powerful 
leader's intentions were not good. His act of kindness was in fact an act of selfishness - to destroy 
his opponent.

Many people do some kind of ‘charity work’ – just to get their name and picture in the newspapers 
or magazines. How an act performed for the sake of promoting personal ‘Name & Fame’ can be 
considered a true act of kindness?

An act of kindness can only be a true act of kindness if it is done with 'Gyana'; wisdom and 
without any kind of selfish motive behind it. 

                                              'Rajan Sachdeva'


  1. Very nice, Lord Jesus said that Charity should be that where your left hand does not know what your right habd is doing. He said the same for prayer, do it in solitude and do not make a show of it.

  2. Very true comparison of acts.. one should be aware of intentions..
    Kind Regards

  3. Its really nice.....suddenly I remember when I read this article............Baba Avtar Singh ji Maharaj says in AVTAR BANI...HE SAYS.....GURUSIKH NU NAHI ECHA PHal de KARM SADHA NISHKAAM KARE KAHE AVTAR AIHO JAYE SIKH DA SATGURU ROSHAN NAAM KARE.....


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