Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Negativity is there But......

No doubt that there is too much negativity in the world around all of us. 
And many a times, we may not be able to see any positivity and goodness in others.

There are times when we wonder, if we ought to still keep trying to be good, when others are not. 
It all seems worthless at times and we ask ourselves: “why do I have to be good all the times?”

I remember Baba Avtar Singh ji used to say that this world never recognizes the saints in their lifetimes. 
Only a handful people see them as saints when they are alive. Others may realize their greatness after these saintly people are long gone.
He used to ask “Do you want your bhakti, devotion and goodness to be seen by the worldly people or God?

So, the question is not “Why and how long we should keep trying to be good?”
The important question to ask ourselves is: Am I trying to follow the path of righteousness and spirituality to achieve moksha or liberation for myself, or to show my virtues to others. Do we want to become kind, generous, compassionate and peaceful by nature - or simply want others to see the goodness and positivity in us?

If it is for others to see, then most people in this world may never see it - no matter how hard, and how long we keep on trying. No one can please everyone in the world.
But if it is for ourselves - for our own good and peace of mind - then we should keep trying until it becomes an integral part of our nature.
Because once the positivity and goodness becomes our nature, we would not be able to think or do otherwise.
We will not have to try …. It would just happen.
                               ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


  1. Very Nice and inspiring as usual. Thank you for sharing and Keep blessing.

  2. Thanks Rajan ji for sharing this .... Nirankar works in mysterious ways .... something happened today and this was the topic going through my mind and you wrote abt it .... pls keep sharing 🙏🙏

  3. Yes excellent indeed. THANKS.

  4. Rajanjee truly inspiring and insightful teaching.


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