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Swarg or Heaven on Earth ... Comment & Reply

I think #4 is enough on its own. If your mind is content and at peace a little less money won’t bother you, not being in perfect health won’t hold you back and your daily issues with family and relationships will not be an issue with you.


Although, ‘Contentment’ is the key - the most important factor – but still, I think other three points are also quite necessary in order to live a peaceful life.

Everything in the world, has a reason.
Every effect has a cause – and in return, every cause has its effect.
There has to be some reason for ‘Contentment’ too.

In my opinion, there are two main components - two factors in achieving the state of contentment – Physical and Mental or psychological.
Certainly, mental or psychological factor is more important - which may be achieved with ‘Gyan and Dhyana’ or Awareness and Meditation - but physical component also plays a big role.

We know there is a difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’.
Having less or more, both come under the category of ‘wants’ or desire.
However, having sufficient for physical survival - is the ‘need’.

And that is what I had mentioned in this article: “to have sufficient money (resources) for the survival”.

The great Saint Kabeer ji also said:
भूखे भगति न कीजै - यह माला अपनी लीजै 

“Bhookhay Bhagat na keejai -  Yeh maala apani leejai”

How can a hungry person (dying with starvation) meditate?

 Among other everyday necessities, later in this Shabad, he says:
                      मो कउ दोनउ वख़्त जिवाले 
‘Mo Kau Donau vaqt jivaale’

‘Provide me both meals everyday (morning and evening)
                                                Kabeer ji (Gurubani Page 656)
When few devotees brought a hungry, starving man - who could barely walk - to Lord Buddha, and requested him for initiation, Lord Buddha said “Feed him first. He will not be able to grasp anything when he is starving”

Thank God that I never had to experience any extreme situation of any kind mentioned in my previous article, and yet, many times, I feel discontent under certain unfavorable circumstances. How can they be content who do not get enough food even one time a day - or perhaps two, three or four days in a row? Not by choice, but because of extreme poverty. It’s possible to be contended with less - but absolutely no food for days? Week after week - month after month… year after year? It is hard for me to even imagine their situation.
So, the point is not about ‘Less or more’. The essential physical requirements have to be met to feel calm, comfortable and content. Otherwise the life could seem like hell.

The same goes with the ‘Healthy and disease less body’.
‘Not being in perfect health’ is one thing but suffering extremely with excruciating pain because of some terminal disease - does disturb the mind, and makes it hard to stay content. Of-course there may be some exceptions in some rare cases. Again, by the grace of Lord, I never had to experience, and hope not to face any such situation ever, but I have seen many great saints and devoted Bhaktas suffering and even crying - either with unbearable and unimaginable physical pain or over the loss of their loved one; a psychological pain. We can deny or alter the facts to glorify our loved ones and those whom we respect or worship, but everyone’s mind does get effected during extreme hunger or unbearable physical or mental pain… at least momentarily.
Even Jesus Christ, at the time of crucifixion, according to Bible, cried with pain and wailed “Father! Why have you forsaken me?” 
Though, they do become contented soon, and glorify the Lord Sadguru and Almighty Nirankar after the pain is gone, but at least, those moments of excruciating pain cannot be defined as ‘Swarg or heaven on the earth’.

It’s easier for the ‘fortunate ones’- who have more than sufficient resources for survival, and adequately healthy body – to preach the doctrine of contentment to others. But I believe the fulfillment of basic physical necessities is required to get to the next step of ‘Contentment’ – the mental gratification.

How can we bring Heaven on earth if we cloud our judgement - to compare ‘nothing’ with ‘less’ and then preach “Less is alright?”
In fact, this might be the reason for many to simply preach the ‘doctrine of Contentment’ and doing nothing to help the poor and deprived; in dire need of food and medicine.  

As I said in that article, Ideology is one thing, but it may not be practical in every situation - all the time.

Let’s be practical.
For those of us - who have enough to live a comfortable life - is so much easier to achieve the state of contentment. Because, while ‘needs’ may not be easy to control, wants and desires are.
But if someone’s basic needs are not even fulfilled, how can he or she chase after the ‘wants and desires?

We must remember the difference between ‘Needs and Wants’.

If our needs are being met and we are contented –
We are in heaven.

‘Rajan Sachdeva’


  1. The well balanced approach to life, is evident in your writings. How to really differentiate between NEED and the WANT is function of "WISDOM" too some extent. For example, reasons people Love a thing or a person, is hardly explainable. Is it "need" or "want" of their their basic personality trait???

  2. @ Vishnu Panjwani ...
    You are absolutely right. How to differentiate between 'NEEDS' and 'WANTS' is definitely the function of "WISDOM", which may vary slightly from person to person.
    For example, the ‘Needs’ of an infant child and an old person are different than a young vibrant person. Similarly, needs of sick or handicapped - physically and mentally challenged people are different than young and healthy people. One simple definition of ‘Needs’ cannot be applied to all.
    We need Wisdom to differentiate between the two.

    Love - psychological as well as physical - is of course a need of humans as well as most other species, but I think sense of possessiveness and jealousy - and expectations of appreciation and equal reciprocation from others, could be characterized as ‘Want’.
    I would like to welcome opinions of other readers also.

  3. I remember ...i was read in ur article......defination of moksh...... U said.....moksh is the freedom from all desires....thanks resp. Rajan ji...dhan nirankar ji


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