Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Two Possibilities

There was a saint, who always seemed to be happy.  
People had observed him for many years, and they had never found him sad.
One day they asked him: ‘What is the secret of your happiness?’ 
He said, ‘There is no secret. Every morning when I wake up, I meditate for ten minutes and then I say to myself:
“Listen, there are two possibilities today… you can either be miserable, or you can be blissful. It’s your choice.”
And I always choose to be blissful.


  1. 10 minutes meditation looks key here ����.... Dnj

  2. Dhan Nirankar Rev Rajan Ji,

    Thank you for this empowering story as well as all the beautiful and insightful posts.
    As it is said that happiness is a state of mind and, bliss is a state of no mind (Unmanni avastha). So we definitely have the choice to tell our minds to get out of the way so that we can experience the bliss that exists everywhere and at all times. Also, after Brahm Gyan, the primary job of the mind is done so it can and should get out of the way and take a back seat. The choice is ours.

    Sanjeev Khullar

  3. Yes, it is a state of no mind where bliss can be obtained. Really thanks for nice thoughts.


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