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Power of Satguru's Blessings

Power of Satguru's Blessings
     (By: Skattar Sandhu ...Edmonton Canada) 
With the blessing of Satguru Nirankar, I had the opportunity to live in Bombay Bhawan from 1959 to 1970 under the divine spiritual training of Rishi Viasdev Ji, Parmukh of Bombay Sangat.
In 1969, Satguru Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji and Rajmata Ji planned to go to England for parchar tour. Rishi Viasdev along with saints were blessed to go with them. They travelled was by road from Tehran. When the party reached Tehran, Satguru Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Maharaj told Rishi Ji to write a letter to Skattar Singh not to prepare to go to U.S.A for study and look after the bhawan till He comes back from tour.  I had admission in Wisconsin University for Air-condition Engineering.
After I received the letter, I stopped the preparation. In the meantime, Shenshah Baba Avtar Singh Ji Maharaj got sick, Baba Ji and Rajmata had to come back. Baba ji told the rest of the party to finish the planned tour. The party finished the planned tour and rush to Delhi before Shenshah Ji merged in Nirankar. All the saints from India   also went to Delhi to have untum dharshan.  I had the opportunity to go to Delhi to participate in the procession and pay tribute to Shenshah ji.
Rishi Ji came to Bombay got busy with branch activities. After a few months, preparation for Annual Samagam started. Bombay Saints and sewadal members went to Delhi to attend the Samagam. Last day of the Annual Samagam, Bombay Samagam dates were announced.
After coming back from Delhi samagam, we started looking for a site for samagam. We found a ground in good location. We booked the ground. Sewdal members and the saints prepared ground for the samagam. All other arrangement was made under the supervision of Rishi ji before samagam dates. Saints from Maharatra,Gujrat and other provinces came to Bombay for the samagam. Satguru Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji and Nirankari Rajmata Ji blessed the samagam. This year samagam was bigger than last year. After the discourse of Satguru Baba,I drove them to the Chamber Satang Bhawan. Before Baba Ji entered His suite, He asked me what happened to your going to U.S.A. I told him Ji I got your message sent by Rishi Viasdev Ji I dropped everything off. He said,” you should get ready to go to Canada in two weeks. I am going to call Delhi immediately to talk to  Rev.Vasdev who is going to Canada to pick you up at the airport”.
Baba Ji and Rajmata Ji left Bombay. Our job was to return all rental items. I was busy returning all the rental items and all the saints were telling me that I should be concentrating on prepare to go to Canada. I had all the receipts for the rental so I had to finished before to do anything. We returned everything in three days. I went to Passport Office on Thursday afternoon. The  office was open but they were not entertaining any enquiry. I had to go to the office on Friday morning. My name was called in and I met with Passport Officer. My file was in front of him. He asked me what can do for you. I told him to find out the status of my passport. He informed me that I had already come to the office. I replied that today was my first visit and yesterday I came  late. He showed me my file  and asked who has signed this. I told him this is my sign. I immediately know this was the blessings of Satguru Baba Ji. The Pass port Officer told me that my Passport was issued and will be delivered on Monday. I thanked Baba Ji to help me.
On Monday, I received my passport. Rev. Chadha sahib bought my ticket to same my time. I called my wife who was staying with her parents with two-month baby. She was surprised to hear this. She immediately took train  from Amritsar to reach Bombay to see me off. I landed in Toronto Airport where Rev. Nand lal was there to receive me. Now I understood the power of Satguru commandment.  We must surrender to Satguru to enjoy the blissful life.

           By: Skattar Sandhu (Edmonton Canada) 


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