Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Blissful Memories # 6

During my college days at Faridkot, I had many opportunities to travel with Bhapa Ram Chand ji of Kapurthala during his Prachar tours. Observing his life style and listening to his thoughts while traveling with him in buses or trains, and in the Satsangs or private gatherings was a great learning experience for me. Staying with him and even watching him meditating – doing Sumiran at late nights and early mornings provided a serene and calming effect.
During one such tours, a short but very meaningful incident happened which I vividly remember even today.

After the morning Satsang, a middle-aged couple approached Bhapa ji. They had a young son, of marriageable age. After seeking his blessings, the couple requested Bhapa ji to look for a suitable bride for their son - since he visits so many places and meets so many families every day. Bhapa ji blessed them in his usual charming style and casually asked about the boy - his qualification, job and how much he earns - because the parents of any potential bride would want to know these details. 

The father said: “he has a clerical job in a government office where he gets 300 Rupees a month as wages. But” - he quickly and proudly added: “by the grace of the Satguru and Nirankar, he makes 500 Rupees a month extra from the clients … in bribes”

(“uski tankhvaah to 300 rupaye hai … Par Bhapa ji…. Nirankar Satguru ki Rehmat se voh 500 rupaye oopar se banaa leta hai”)

Suddenly, the smile from Bhapa ji’s face disappeared. He became serious and said “Rehmat? Laahnat ko aap Rehmat samajh rahe ho? That which is forbidden by all saints and Gurus and Scriptures, you consider it as ‘Guru’s Grace’? This in fact is a disgrace - a shame for Gyanis and Bhaktas.” 

And then he politely told them that he would not be able to help them find a bride.

The couple silently left the room. 
Bhapa ji continued… addressing the rest of us sitting in the room: “How strange it is? Some people, even after receiving the Brahm-Gyan cannot differentiate between ‘Laahnat and Rehmat - the ‘Grace and Disgrace’. 
A Brahm-Gyani should know the difference between ‘Haq and Haraam’ - just and unjust… Between ‘Jaayaz and Najaayaz - Fair and unfair – Right and wrong etc.

                                                     ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

In fact, his discourse during the evening Satsang was also mostly based upon the same topic… 
He made several references from the Holy books. One of them was:
“Bahu prapanch kar par-dhan lyaavai – Sut daara pehi aan lutaavai  
Man mere Bhoolay kapat na keejay – Ant niberaa tere jeea pehi leejai” 
(You) Bring money (and possessions) which belong to others by deceptive means, by hook and crook (with the excuse) to provide comforts to wife and children.
Do not deceive, O my ignorant mind– in the end, it is you who will be held responsible.        (Kabeer ji - Gurubani Page 656)


  1. High standards for sure. The bar has always been set high by saints as they are the examplars for society. A lot of the moral and ethical values that society adheres to is as the direct result of spiritual insights from prophets and saints.

  2. Nery Nice. Thank you ji for sharing.

  3. Thank you for sharing ji. Avtar Bani has a commandment:
    Dus nahaan di kirat kamaani( our earnings have to be by honest means..)

  4. nice inspirational thoughts for me.....avtar vani says...10nvaA de kirat kamaani nai banna duje te bhaar....


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