Thursday, March 16, 2017

What is Swarg or Heaven on Earth

निरोगी काया रहे  -   सहयोगी परिवार 
पर्याप्त धन, संतोष मन - यह चार स्वर्ग संसार 

"Nirogi Kaaya Rahe  -  Sehyogi Parivaar 
Paryaapt dhan, Santosh man -yeh chaar Swarg sansaar" 

1. Disease less body
2. Caring and co-operative family – with love and harmony  
3. Sufficient money and
4. Contentment in mind

Having these four things in life means living in Heaven.

1.  When the body suffers, mind also gets disturbed - and may not be able to concentrate on other important things if the body is hurting. Though there are exceptions, generally a healthy body cultivates a healthy and peaceful mind.

2.  A healthy, loving and peaceful environment at home - where all the family members are kind, caring and considerate - working in harmony - makes life peaceful and joyous. It’s like living in heaven.  

3. Having sufficient money for survival is also necessary in life.
Not having or storing anything (like birds) may sound ideal but it’s not practical. Even the Yogis, sadhus and Gurus also need and collect money to live and enjoy a comfortable personal life. The ideology of ‘Tyaag’ is intended for staying
away from excessive greed.

4. And finally, the ‘Contentment’.  
     It is said: “Ati Sarvatra Vivarjatay”  अति सर्वत्र विवर्जते 
     That Excess of everything is bad. 
     I remember my grandmother used to say:     
    अति भला न बरसना , अति भली न धुप्प 
    अति भला न बोलना , अति भली न चुप्प
     Ati Bhalaa na barsanaa, Ati bhalee na dhupp
     Ati bhalaa na bolnaa,  Ati bhalee na chupp

     Excessiveness of anything -such as eating, drinking, sleeping,  talking, working and resting etc. - is not good and can be  harmful.
     Similarly, crossing the limits of not-eating, not-sleeping, not working, not resting or silence also may not be very good, and may even be detrimental for physical as well as mental health. 
     Being ‘Content’ by having ‘sufficient’ can keep the mind at peace.

The one who has these above mentioned four things in his or her life, is surely living a Swarg-mayi-jeevan – the Heaven on earth.

    ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


  1. Its nice message for peace realization....thanks for sharing....dhan nirankar ji

  2. Good description of heaven Rajan Ji.
    Skattar Sandhu

  3. Interesting. I think #4 is enough on its own. If your mind is content and at peace a little less money wont bother you, not being in perfect health wont hold you back and your daily issues with family and relationships will not be an issue with you.


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