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साडी दोस्ती है Saadi Dosti hai (Roman with translation)

साडी दोस्ती है दोस्ता सवेरेयाँ  दे नाल 
साडा वैर नहीं कोई वी  हनेरियाँ दे नाल 

मसाँ मसाँ है प्रौहना कोई दिल वेहड़े आया 
असाँ उन्ज ते निभाई है बथेरेआं दे नाल   

ओदों भुल्ल जांदे सारेआं अवैड़ेआँ दे बोल 
जदों साँझ पैंदी  सजना चंगेरेआं दे नाल 

असीं ज़िन्दगी दे पैंडेआँ च खुशबू खिलारी 
भेद भाव नहीं कीता तेरे मेरेआँ  दे नाल 

नीहां कच्चीआं ते उसरे ना रहन 'परवाने'
नीहां पक्कीआं दी निभदी बनेरेआं दे नाल 

                स्वर्ण सिंह   'परवाना ' (डेनमार्क )

Saadi Dosti hai dosta  savereyaan de naal 
Saadaa vair nahin koi vi hanereyaan de naal 

Masaan masaan hai prauhnaa koi dil-vehdhe aaya
Asaan unj te nibhaayi hai bathereyaan de naal 

Odon bhul jaande saareyaan avaidheaan de bol 
Jadon saanjh paindi sajanaa changereyaan de naal 

Asin zindagi de paindeyaan ch' khushboo khilaari
Bhaid Bhaav nahin keeta tere mereyaan de naal 

Neehaan kachiyaan te ussare na rehan 'Parwaane'
Neehan pakkeeaan di nibhdee banereyaan de naal 

           By: Sawarn Singh ji 'Parwaana' (Denmark)

This is an excellent piece of poetry by a well-known Punjabi poet Swarn Singh ‘Parwana’ who received many awards in Denmark, UK and Punjab-India including the title of ‘Manukhtaa da Kavi’ (Poet of humanity).
In this ghazal, he beautifully describes the viewpoint which Baba Gurubachan Singh ji and Baba Hardev Singh ji of Sant Nirankari Mission had repeatedly preached at numerous occasions; privately and during public discourses, that we should promote the ‘light of Gyana’ without having the feeling of animosity against ‘darkness’. They always said ‘Nindaa bhalee kisi ki naahin’ - it’s not good to criticize anyone - and if we do, then not only we push them away and create a distance, it also makes us egotistic.
‘Vidya dadaati Vinayam’ … the Gyani means humble, polite, tolerant and courteous to all.   

Translation of Parwana ji’s ghazal in a nut-shell:

Our friendship is with the morning light, but we do not have any animosity with the darkness.
(Though we love the light but yet, we do not hate the darkness)

After a long wait and great efforts, finally the beloved has come in the chambers of my heart, because I always get along with everyone else.

It’s easy to forget all negativity and criticism spread by the wicked and corrupt when we develop relationship with good and kind people.   

We (the mission) have always spread the fragrance of love and compassion in the path of life and never discriminated between ‘ours and theirs’.   

The house (of Love) cannot be built upon a weak foundation.
‘Parwana’ says: The relationship which is built upon strong foundation, can only last forever.
                ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

Note:   No translation can ever describe the true feelings of the poet or portrait the real beauty of the original poetry.

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  1. Wonderful words of wisdom and nicely summarised ...
    "Apne har ek lafz ka khud aaina ban jauu ga ..
    Usko chota kehkay main kaise bada ho jaau ga ...",. Keep blessing


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