Thursday, October 13, 2016

Blissful Memories 3

I heard this incidence from Bhai Sahib Amar Singh ji Patiala wale.

Once, some cash money and other valuables were stolen from the personal residential quarters of Baba Avtar Singh ji. His wife, lovingly known as Jagat Mata by the disciples, suspected one sewadaar; who used to often visit and work in that room and occasionally clean it too.
By the evening, that person; the sewadaar was apprehended along with all those valuables in his possession. They brought him in the presence of Baba Avtar Singh ji and asked him what they should do with the thief?

Baba ji said “Now that you have recovered everything, let him go.”

“But Baba ji. He stole this money and other valuables. How can we just let him go? We would like to call the police and have him arrested for this crime.  

Baba ji Said “Look. He is not a thief. He has been doing my seva for quite some time. Somehow, today he suddenly became greedy and stole these things. This is probably the first time he did something like this. Instead of handing him over to the police, you should teach him the values of right conduct and the virtues of ‘Gursikhi’ so that he may live the rest of his life with honesty and contentment.”

But the others were not convinced. They still wanted to do something about it.

Sensing some hesitation and reluctance on their faces, Baba Avtar Singh ji further said “What would have you done if it were your own son or daughter? One of your close family member whom you love dearly? Would you still hand them over to the police, drag them to the court without giving them another chance to repent and correct themselves?”

Everyone was quiet. They freed the thief and let him go.

Nevertheless, he came back few days later, repented and wanted to continue doing the seva for the Guru and the mission. Baba Avtar Singh ji welcomed him with open arms and graciously accepted his offer.

Later, he became a great and highly respectable poet and writer of the mission.

I remember Rishi Vyas Dev ji often used the following quote in his discourses:

‘Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future’
                               ‘Rajan Sachdev’


  1. Amazing and how much of a large heart is required to be a Saint/Guru give the margin you want to be given as Baba Hardev Singh Ji used to say.

  2. Thank you Rajan Ji... this is one pearl from the ocean which you pulled for us... dnj

  3. Thanks for sharing Rajan Ji .... this is a huge lesson for me. When Sadguru has been forgiving my trespasses, who am I to ever judge anyone else?

    Hope to hear more such experiences from you.

    Dhan Nirankar Ji!

  4. Thanks for sharing this thoughts of wisdom Ji.

  5. Excellent true story from your experience. Thanks for sharing it. I have also often used that quote which I heard first in the mission and which you attribute to Rishi ji. It helps us refrain from putting people in boxes and leaving them there. As long as we are alive, we can improve ourselves and move along the continuum from sinner to saint.


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