Saturday, October 22, 2016

Promote what you like

Promote what you like and what you love, instead of bashing and criticizing what you don't like. When we criticize people for their system; for what they do, then we give them also a reason to find flaws in our system as well. As they say: what goes around comes around and what you sow so shall you reap.  

Every system is based upon certain beliefs. No system is fool proof and one can certainly find faults in every system. The concept of ‘Right and Wrong’ is (mostly) based upon each individual’s perception- according to his or her social, cultural and religious background and education. Everyone has a right to follow his or her beliefs. The clash occurs when we ‘order’ others what to do and what not to do; when we demand that everyone must follow our beliefs and we try to control their day to day activities. 

Baba Avtar Singh ji saw the reason for the clashes among individuals and groups; between cultures and religions and hatred for others on the grounds of different beliefs and life styles. 
So, when he founded the new organization in the name of Sant Nirankari Mission, he laid down the following third principle of the mission:
“Do not hate or criticize any one on grounds of what kind of food they eat or drink, how they dress or live their life.” In other words: follow your path according to your own understanding of the Gyana, the divine knowledge, but do not criticize or try to control others.

                ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


  1. Sadee dosti ey dosta sawerayan de nal sada bair be ni koi hanaryan de nal ...
    Basic mission teaching is "sach k parchar k liyae jhooth ko kosne ki jarorat nahi " ... So beautifully written... So simple n wise

  2. Thank you Vikrant ji for your kind comments and Thanks for reminding the beautiful Punjabi ghazal by S.S. Parvana ji of Denmark..... "saada vair nahin koi vee hanereyaan de naal".
    साडी दोस्ती है दोस्ता सवेरेयाँ दे नाल
    साडा वैर नहीं कोई वी हनेरियाँ दे नाल

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    1. Typo earlier... Thanks for expanding the third principle Rajan Ji, let this process of education continue .... Thanks... Dnj

  4. Dear Rajan Ji Thanks a million. A question came to my mind and I was searching for it and you gave the answer in most elegant way.
    Please continue to bless.
    Best Regards.

  5. Thank you Rajan ji. Echoing what Ravi ji said, this was a thought that was going through a lot of our minds recently. Thank you for giving your insight on this topic. Instead of wanting to change others, I should focus on promoting what I like so I can bring awareness. Dharam parivartan nahin, bhavna parivartan karta hai Nirankari mission.


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