Thursday, October 6, 2016

Blissful Memories # 2

When I was studying for my Bachelors’ degree at Govt. Brajindra College Faridkot (Punjab), Bhapa Ram Chand ji Kapurthala once came there on a Prachar tour. I always had a great respect and admiration for his tremendous knowledge of Holy scriptures, wisdom and extremely simple life style. After the Sunday Satsang, I felt a strong desire to invite him to my place, but was hesitant to ask him because of my limitations. I was living at my ancestral home with my grandmother. We had only two small rooms, one for each of us and a kitchen (rest of the house was rented out). Secondly, I could not ask my 75 years old grandmother to cook and prepare for his visit. 

Nevertheless, I placed my request before him anyway. To my pleasant surprise, he happily agreed. But considering my situation, Bhapa ji said he will come to my place after the dinner and that I should not worry about any food or serving anything else. 

I was extremely happy and excited. I had saved some pocket money that I used to get from my father, and bought a piece of fabric for his ‘Achkan’. It is a style of long warm coat that Baba Avtar Singh ji, Baba Gurubachan Singh ji and several other well-known saints used to wear. I had never seen Bhapa ji wearing something like that and thought it would be a nice gift or seva for him.

Later in the evening, Bhapa ji came to my place along with few other local saints. It was little crowded in the room but he made everyone feel comfortable with his smiling face, and pleasant and humble - down to earth attitude. With keen interest, he asked me about my family, my studies and other routines along with my interests in study of Scriptures and meditation. I found love and caring of a father and a Guru in his tone and expression. 

After talking for about half an hour or so, I humbly placed that piece of fabric in front of him and requested him to kindly accept it. He looked at it and smilingly asked me “what is this?”

I said "Bhapa ji. This is for your ‘achkan’. I would feel much obliged and happy if you please accept it and get an achkan made for yourself out of this fabric.”

Suddenly, his smile disappeared. He became serious and quiet. He gave me a kind of strange look and said “achha”. A couple of minutes later, he got up, picked up the piece of fabric and got ready to leave. I knew something was not right but did not dare to ask. I did Namaskar to him, he blessed me as usual and left. 

Later, I kept thinking about it, but could not understand what went wrong. 

Next day, I went to the Bhavan early in the morning. Bhapa ji was sitting crossed legs on the bed, doing Sumiran. He saw me standing at the door and signaled me to come in. After doing Namaskar, I sat down before him.

“What did you say to me when you gave me that piece of fabric last night?” He asked.

“I am sorry Bhapa ji. Did I say something wrong? Was it my tone or some words that were offensive or not appropriate?” 
I asked humbly.

“No… Nothing of that sort. Just tell me what exactly you said you wanted me to do when you gave me that fabric?”

I said “I don’t remember exactly what my words were. I just wanted you to accept my humble seva.”

“Well! You said to make an achkan with this fabric. 
I need to know what your precise ‘Bhaavna’ (desire, feeling) is. Do you want me to use this cloth for myself anyway I want, or do you want me to get an achkan made out of this?”
I was surprised, in fact a little confused.

“I am sorry Bhapa ji. I am afraid I don’t understand”

“Is it okay if I get a regular coat made out of it…not an achkan?”  He asked.

I remember his exact words at that time were:

    जे मैं इस दा कोट बनवा लवां, तां तेरा दिल ख़फ़ा ते न होसी ?
"je mai is da coat banvaa lavaan, taan tera dil khafaa te na hosi?"
   (Will your heart feel deceived and angry if I make a coat?)

I said “Whatever you wish Bhapa ji. I just want you to accept it and wear it.”

He took a sigh of relief and said “You had put me under a great stress last night. Now you have taken that great heavy load off of my mind. 
You see… Baba ji wears achkans. I am not worthy of wearing same style of clothing as the Sadguru. I was in a dilemma all night. If I wear an achkan, then I will be imitating the Satguru which I do not want to. And if I don’t make an achkan then I will be going against your Bhaavna - your desire. 
Now I feel relieved because, with your permission, now I can make a regular coat out of this”.

“with my permission?”

I was amazed how deeply and minutely he was concerned about everyone else’s emotions /Bhaavna, while keeping his own principles at the same time. 

Even today, my head bows down with respect for such a pious and great saint when I remember how humble he was and how great was his thinking. 

                                  ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


  1. Thank you for sharing this ji.

  2. Dhan Nirankar Ji !
    Thanks for sharing such a great experience. It really brought tears into my eyes. Please bless us so that we can learn from this real life experiences.
    Warmest regards,

  3. Dhan Nirankar Ji !
    Thanks for sharing such a great experience with us.
    And Thanx for teaching us that how to do sewa.

  4. Beautiful .... thanks for sharing this blissful experience .... pls do keep sharing .... Dhan Nirankar ji ....

  5. Dnj! Please keep sharing blissful experiences.

  6. Very nice ji

  7. Dhan Nirankar Uncle Ji, thank you so much in sharing these thoughts, you mentioned that when you went to see Bhapa Ji early in the morning he was doing Sumiran or Meditating. Was this common in the early saints like Bhapa Ji ? I know for example Rishi Vyas Dev Ji and Gyani Joginder Singh Ji also got up early to meditate. It seems we have to do this again like early saints.


  8. Wow! Amazing to see people respecting others words and Bhaavna above their own desire. This is a rare trait indeed. The depth and detail of his thinking deserves a lot of respect.

  9. Wow! Amazing to see people respecting others words and Bhaavna above their own desire. This is a rare trait indeed. The depth and detail of his thinking deserves a lot of respect.

  10. You are right Manminder ji. That is why I always respected him like the Guru


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