Monday, December 28, 2015

And The Wise Man Said

 A man approached an elderly man and said:
"I am told that you are a wise man ...
Please tell me what things have made you wise that are not available to others."

The old man replied, "When I eat, I just eat; I sleep when I'm sleeping, and when I speak I just talk".

The man was surprised.
"Well … that is also what I do but why am I not wise”? He asked.

"I do not think so," replied the old man.

“You see…when you eat, you are planning what you're going to do later.

When you sleep, you remember the problems that you had during the day, and imagine what problems you might have when you wake up.

When you talk, you are thinking what you are going to say next.

And while listening to me, you are judging, and thinking what question you're going to ask next, or how you will answer me, before I even finish talking.”

Just eat when you eat. 
Sleep without worrying for the next day.
Speak, but not for the sake of winning an argument.
Listen, but do not be judgmental.
Do, but not for the sake of credit and ego.

The secret is, not only to be aware of what we are doing, but being ‘fully present’ in the present moment.

                                    ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


  1. Very nice approach to be present !!

  2. Thank you.
    Yes... it's a very old concept but different approach.

  3. Nice thoughts and absolutely right....


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