Thursday, December 17, 2015

Log miltay aur bichhadtay rahay

Log miltay aur bichhadtay rahay
Umar bhar ye silsilaa chalta rahaa

Kabhi to Sabro-shukar ka aalam rahaa
Aur kabhi shikvaa gilaa chalta rahaa 

Jism ka har ang saath chhod gaya
Saanson ka par kaarvaan chalta rahaa 

Mil sake na kabhi kinaare dariyaa ke
Darmiyaan ka faaslaa chalta rahaa 

Kaun ruktaa hai kisi ke vaastay
Main gira to kaafilaa chalta rahaa 

Manzil vo paa letaa hai 'Rajan' ki jo 
Rakh ke dil me hauslaa chalta rahaa 

                          'Rajan Sachdeva'
                               December 16,2015
These lines came to my mind after seeing Shri Ramesh Nayyar ji (Gaurav Nayyar's grand father) in the hospice on December 16,2015. I had known him and his family and often visited them when they lived in Pathankot Punjab and I was in Jammu. 


  1. Very well said our dear Rajan Sachdeva Jee . Premjit Singh

  2. Sometimes I am able to read it every day. Sometimes i read it once a week. This time I read it after a month. But the depth,Beauty and sincerity with Devotion never fail to touch me.It is an unusual combination.Thank you for putting it on paper and sharing without regard to time .Dhan Nirankar.

    1. Dr. Sudha Saraswat ji,
      Thank you so much for your kind comments and encouragement but I must say that the 'Beauty is in the eyes of beholder'. Because You want to see beauty so you see beauty in it. You found sincerity and devotion in it because that's what you are....... full of sincerity and devotion. For years, since I started coming to Nashville, I have seen and admired your unshakable faith and devotion. May Almighty bless you and all of us with continuous and even stronger faith and devotion.

  3. Thank you for the uplifting thoughts. And thank you for being there for his final few moments.


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