Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Strange weather

Strange weather

Last week, when I left from Delhi, India on October 10, it was still quite hot.
Everyone was saying it’s almost middle of October but it’s still so hot. What has happened to the weather? It’s not at all like previous years.

Do the things always happen as they are supposed to?
Do they always happen as they used to?
Obviously not.

Weather does not follow precise calendar.
Traffic patterns may change according to the weather or other conditions.
We may get delayed in reaching office or home and the boss or family may not be as receptive as expected.

Things and situations change according to the circumstances. It’s not only weather or traffic, nothing can be predicted precisely. And we cannot do much about it.

We all know this, and yet we complain.
We also know it’s not going to help if we complain but we still do.

We become unhappy and frustrated because knowing and accepting are two different things.

Until and unless we accept the things as they are, we cannot be at peace.

                                                                                       ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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