Monday, October 13, 2014

No one else is to be Blamed

No one else is to be Blamed

Whenever something goes wrong or something bad happens, we tend to blame it on others; some one, something, or the situation or even God.

“Dosh na kaahu deejiye, Dosh karmaa aapneaa
 Jo mai keeaa so mai paaya, dosh naa deejay avar janaa”

“Others are not to be blamed. It is all according to one’s own ‘karma’
What we do, that we get. Do not blame others.”

If we throw a ball against the wall, it is bound to come back.

Is the wall to be blamed if the ball comes back straight and hits us?


It’s our action which creates the reaction.
Every action has an equal reaction. It’s the law of nature.

Instead of blaming the wall, we should take responsibility of our actions and accept the outcome. Blaming others will only add more to our miseries. On the other hand, acceptance may provide some relief and peace.

                                                                                          ‘Rajan Sachdev’


  1. Dhan Nirankar Ji.. Very Nice thoughts..

  2. Takdeer likhne wale Se Kya shikwa Ey Dil-E-Nadaan,
    Jab Har cheez ne Mit Jana Hai To Phir Khawaishain Kaisi.


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