Monday, October 20, 2014

He, who tries to hold tight, loses.

He, who tries to grasp hard and hold tight, loses. 

If we take some sand in our hand and try to squeeze it hard, it will slide out of our fingers.  

A leader, who tries to control his flock with too much power and too many rules, eventually loses them. 

He, who does not hold tight, cannot lose.  

He, who demands respect, may not get it. 

He, who respects all, is respected by all. 

So a saint does not desire the power that is desired by others.

He does not prize the positions and treasures that are valued by others.  

He understands what others do not.  

He enjoys the peace that others may not. 

 Let’s strive to become a true saint.
                                                         ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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