Wednesday, May 29, 2013

As we think, So we become.

DNA  makes us what we are.
Our thinking, learning and circumstances make us who we are.

What we are, never changes,
Who we are … never stops changing. 
                                     (By: unknown)

Environment and circumstances have a great influence on our thinking.
Favorable conditions make us happy and optimist, while unfavorable conditions tend to make
us sad, depressed and even angry. Most of the times, 'positive or negative thinking' depends
mainly on the circumstances.

However, a Gyani or the enlightened person chooses to reverse this course.
Instead of letting the circumstances influence his thinking, he tries to change the circumstances
with his thoughts and Karma.

" किंवदन्तीह स्त्येयम, या मति: सा गतिर्भवेत "  ( अष्टावक्र गीता १ :११ )

"Ya mati, Sa gatirbhavet "  As we think, So we become. (Ashtavkra Gita 1:11)

Rajan Sachdeva

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