Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wisdom vs Ignorance

After hearing a good advice, the wise Person will analyze and follow.

The clever, mediocre sometimes follows sometimes not. He will follow if it benefits him in some way.

The ignorant foolishly argues and refuses to accept.

The egotistic person does not have any desire for learning. He argues just for the sake of argument. 

That is why it is said:

"The ignorant doesn't appreciate the enlightened one.
A good advice is seen worthless; a good path to follow is ignored."

Saakat Hari Ras Saad na jaaneaa, Tis antar haumay kandaa hay
Jyon Jyon chalahi, chubhai, dukh paavahi, Jam kaal Sahehi sir danda hay

साकत हरि रस सादु ना जानिआ तिस अंतर हउमै कंडा हे
ज्यों ज्यों चलहि चुभै दुख पावहि जम काल सहहि सिरि डंडा हे   (SGGS)

An ignorant person, because of his false sense of ego, cannot enjoy God's bliss.
It's like having a thorn inside his shoe which pierces deeper when he walks (on the path of life).
The ' Kaal', the time hits him on the head, constantly challenging his ego from time to time, so he constantly keeps on suffering.

Gurmukh Aagya sat kar manne, te manmukh inkaar kare 
                                                                    (Avtar Bani 166)
                   (गुरमुख आज्ञा सत कर मन्ने , ते मनमुख इनकार करे )

An enlightened devotee accepts the will of God and thus enjoys the bliss,
while the ignorant refuses to accept, goes against it and suffers constantly.

" Jehra manne, naale challe, oho mukti paanda ae."   
                                                                 (Avtar Bani 74)
               जेहडा मन्ने नाले चल्ले, ओहो मुक्ति पांदा

The salvation is achieved by those who accept the will of God and live accordingly.

                                                                          ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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