Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tiger and the Fox

                     Tiger and the Fox

A fox who lived in a deep forest had lost its front legs. No one knew how: perhaps escaping from a trap.
 A man who lived on the edge of the forest, seeing the fox from time to time, wondered how in the world it managed to get its food. One day, he saw the fox
not far from him.... crawling, dragging herself on her two legs. The man decided to watch her, But he had to hide himself quickly because a tiger was approaching. The tiger had fresh game in its claws. Lying down on the ground, he ate all he could, leaving the rest for the fox.

Again the next day the great Provider of this world sent provisions to the fox by the same tiger. The man began to think: "If this fox is taken care of in this mysterious way, its food sent by the unseen Higher Power called Almighty God, why don't I just rest and have my daily meal provided for me too?"

He sat in a corner waiting for his food. Nothing happened.

Because he had a lot of faith, he let the days pass, praying and waiting for food.
Still nothing happened.
But He did not lose his faith, hoping God will provide for him soon. He just went on losing weight and strength until he was nearly a skeleton. Close to losing consciousness, he heard a Voice which said: "O you, who have mistaken the way, see now the Truth!
You should have followed the example of that tiger who not only worked for his own food but provided to others also ........
 instead of imitating the disabled fox."

Rajan Sachdeva                                                                

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