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The Vampire

The Vampire

The concept of a Vampire is that he sucks out the blood, and thus the life out of the body. Prior to modern medicine, we did not know the concept of many fatal diseases such as cancer. If someone had a similar disease, their energy was being drawn out slowly; they were becoming weaker and sicker by the day. So people came up with the idea that some invisible evil force was sucking the life out of the person and called it a Vampire. Now we know that the cause of such symptoms is fatal diseases such as cancer.

There is another invisible evil force like the Vampire that works in our mind. This evil force is "Negativity". Negative thoughts also suck out energy from our brain, as well as from our body.

We all, at one point or the other, become a victim of this "Mind Vampire". However, we must not give into its evil power. We must focus on positive thoughts, and not allow negativity to take over.

Thoughts not only have a great influence on our minds, but also on our surroundings. Just like a small stone thrown into the still waters of a lake causes ripples up to a great distance, our thoughts can also create a similar effect in the universe. In the book The Secret, they explain that whenever we have a thought or desire, whether negative or positive, the whole universe begins to work towards fulfilling that desire.

Long time ago, I heard a story from Shehanshah Baba Avtar Singh ji, that once there was a man traveling through the desert. It was a very hot day and he soon became exhausted. He yearned for a tree so he could rest under the shade, and suddenly he saw a tree in front of him. He sat down in the shade and wished for some water as he was thirsty, and suddenly a glass of water appeared under the tree. He then thought how great it would be to have some food as he was hungry, and in matter of seconds a plate of food appeared under the tree. While eating, he began to wonder, since there is no one else around, who fulfilled all of my wishes? 'There must be a ghost around here' he thought, and 'what if he appears?' With that thought, suddenly a ghost appeared. Fear overcomes him and he thinks, 'what if the ghost eats me?' At which point, the ghost proceeds to eat him.

Shehanshah Ji explained that our thoughts, even though invisible, are very powerful. Whether they are negative or positive, they have a strong influence in our life. When we think negative, negative happens, and when we think positive, positive happens. So we must control our thoughts at all times, which can be accomplished by changing our thinking process in the subconscious mind, by constantly reminding ourselves to stay positive. With positive thoughts, we can find the solution to every problem, and cause for every effect. Our thoughts can heal our illnesses, troubled minds, and broken hearts.

As explained in the book The Secret, our subconscious mind works in accordance with the law of faith. First-most, you must believe that your mind is powerful. All experiences, events, conditions, and actions that happen are indeed the reactions to our thoughts. It’s the believing in something that brings the results.

At the same time, we must be careful about what we believe in. Believing in myths and superstitions, or fears that are widespread in the world may lead to negative impact on us. Therefore, we should only believe in the Eternal Truth.

Our mind is an empty ground, and our thoughts are the seeds. The thoughts we sow in our mind, leads to the outcome of our life. Holy scriptures and great philosophers have repeatedly proclaimed, 'change your thoughts and you can change your destiny'.

 Ye yatha maam prapadyante, Tanstathaiv Bhajaamyaham: (Howsoever people approach me, So I approach them.)
                                                                      Bhagvad Gita 4:11

If our approach is negative, then negative will come back to us, and if our approach is positive then positive will happen. By accepting God's will without complaints, we can find peace within ourselves, as well as with our surroundings and situations.

I would like to narrate another story here.

There was a potter in a small village who used to make clay pots. One morning, when he was getting ready to start his work, his neighbor came and asked him what he was going to make that day. The potter said he was planning to make an angeethi, a small clay stove. The neighbor stood there to watch him work. The potter took some clay, placed it on the moving wheel, and with his hands started to give it shape. When he was done, the neighbor saw that what the potter had made was not an angeethi, but rather a suraahi, a long jar to hold water in the summer. Surprised, the neighbor asked 'you said you were going to make an angeethi, but this is a suraahi'. 'What happened?'

The potter replied 'I know, but while working on it, I changed my mind'.

According to the story, the suraahi said, 'my dear potter, by simply changing your mind, you have changed my whole life ... my destiny. Had you made me a stove, then I would be burning inside myself, and all those who would come in contact with me. Now that I am a Suraahi, I will always stay cool and keep others cool by providing cold water to everyone else.'

So remember. By changing our thoughts, we can change our destiny.

                    ' Rajan Sachdeva'

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