Saturday, June 10, 2017

Addicted to Praise ?

Mirza Ghalib said:
                       फिर शौक़ कर रहा है ख़रीदार की तलब 
                      अर्ज़े  मताए अक़्लो दिलो जां  किए  हुए 

               Phir shauq kar raha hai kharidaar ki talab
               Arze mataaye aql-o-dil-o jaan kiye huye 

Every artist - painter, poet, singer, musician or magician is always looking for a 'buyer'; an admirer - 
someone to understand and appreciate his or her art work. 
Not only the artists, it applies to all of us. 
We all want to be liked, valued and appreciated. 
This is part of the human nature. There's no doubt that we feel encouraged and become more motivated 
by praise - especially from those who matter to us in some way. But it's also easy to become addicted 
to praise. 
Enjoying and feeling encouraged by praise is one thing but becoming addicted to praise and constantly expecting it, is another and harmful - as it will boost our ego and become hindrance to the spiritual growth. 
Therefore, savor compliments without needing them. 
Enjoy performing well - even if no one notices. Give your best without expecting validation.
As we mature spiritually there is less need to have our self-respect boosted by praise and special attention 
from others. As our thought processes become more compassionate and less self-centered or self-obsessed, 
we feel increasingly satisfied with ourselves and our lives - and feel no need to draw attention to our 
successes or complain about our problems.

                                                   'Rajan Sachdeva'


  1. Very True Rajan ji however I have not seen a single person like this. Unless we go really deep in spirituality everyone needs to be encouraged and get credit. I think when a individual from within really believes in something and has a love for it, or is Enlightened, only then they can they wont mind crticism or lack of praise, because at that stage that is who they are.

  2. You are right David ji. As I said ..<< We all want to be liked, valued and appreciated. This is part of the human nature>>>
    But when we get addicted to it.. want to be admired constantly, and continuously keep praising ourselves for what we do for others- it becomes a problem.
    Also... it does not mean that we should not praise others for what they do. We should admire others to encourage them and must give everyone their due credit.

  3. Very true .. it applies to anything we do .. we want encouragement and recognition.. it becomes our habit and generates ego and disappointment..Kindly bless..

  4. One I know who is addicted to praise is Donald Trump
    Someone should send him this article

    Rishi Vyas Dev Ji was busy in the development of Dadar Bhawan as they were building it. He had placed certain things and decorations in a specific way, however one of the Saints in Management told Rishi Ji it didn't look good at all. He was a key decision maker and Rishi Ji really couldn't say much out of respect and his authority level.
    Rishi Ji was upset and Chacha Pratap Singh Ji happened to also be in Mumbai that time. Rishi Ji went to him and told Chacha Ji what had happened. Chacha Ji replied to Rishi Ji, Rishi Ji you are used to eating Sweet Fruits (praise) also learn how to eat the Sour Fruits also (blame or criticism). Rishi Ji took this to heart and realized that a Saint takes Praise and Criticism the same, a Saint can also learn more from Criticism sometimes as a force of good.



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