Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gyana is Realization

Once the Gyana is properly understood, once the Truth (God) is realized, one understands that everything we see and feel thru the senses, is ' Maya ': ever changing and delusional - that everything except All-pervading Nirankar (God) is perishable.
All emotions; Joy and sorrow, Happiness and suffering, ego and attachments are creations of the mind and may be perceived in any way we want.  
After achieving the Gyana, one starts to look at everything in a different perspective. He sees everything – not as a separate, exclusive and isolated piece, but as a part of the whole. Similarly, he does not see any incidence as unique and complete by itself. He understands that every action has its cause and effect, therefore he can accept the outcome rationally and willingly - without cursing (or praising) the ‘destiny’ or considering it as random acts of God. Once we understand that every action has its consequence -  that we are responsible for everything we do – our actions will become thoughtful - because, when we do good for others, as a rule, it is bound to bring back good for us. 
Gyana is not merely a Mantra or ritual – it is understanding, realization and action as well.


हम दुआ लिखते रहे - Hum Duaa Likhtay Rahay

हम दुआ लिखते रहे - वो दग़ा पढ़ते रहे  एक नुक़्ते ने महरम से मुजरिम कर दिया  Hum duaa likhtay rahay - vo daghaa padhtay rahay Ek nuqtay nay...