Friday, June 23, 2017

Let Go of Ego

Everyone says ‘Get Rid of Ego’ –
In every Satsang, every sermon, and in every Holy book we hear or find statements such as:
“Ego is the biggest hindrance in Spirituality and attaining Moksha” – 
“Ego is the only wall between us and God” 
or “Get rid of ego if you want to achieve true Happiness” etc. 
But what is Ego? 
Ego is not just having a big head or when someone tries to show off. It’s present in any kind of ‘Attachment’- regardless of how small or big it is.
There is a subtle Ego present the moment we think “This is mine or That is mine!".
The Gyana teaches us that nothing is 'mine' or 'yours' - we are all trustees.
Where there is attachment, there is 'Fear' - fear of losing what we have or not being able to get what we want.

                     "Where there is ego, there is attachment.
                      Where there is attachment there is fear –
                     and where there is fear there cannot be (true) love
                     and where there is no (true-selfless) love there is misery.
                     This is why there is so much unhappiness in the world" (and in our lives) 
                                                                  (Quote from the web)

This is why all saints and sages, present and past Gurus - all Scriptures - Bhagavad Gita and others emphasize upon getting rid of ‘Ego’ through ‘detachment’.
By detaching from everything - we can banish ego. 
If there is no ego then there will be no fear.
When there is no fear, only then we can experience the true - selfless love and true happiness, which is the true nature of our ‘Self’.


  1. Dear Rev. Rajan Sachdeva Ji,
    Dhan Nirankar & Namaskar Ji. Hope you are doing fine with the grace of Nirankar.
    Thank you for sharing these lovely thoughts in your diary. I share your thoughts with the Sadh Sangath. May Nirankar bless you for being able to continue in sharing such lovely thoughts.
    Loves and blessing.
    Humbly Yours
    Ishwar Chugani
    Universal Brotherhood
    Yokohama Japan.


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