Saturday, March 12, 2016

How Do You Spell Love?

While doing his home work, a boy asked:
Father! How do you spell Love? 
Father: Son...... you don't spell it...... you feel it


  1. So true, ji love is never calculated it's just felt..

  2. So true ji, love is never calculated it's always felt.


​हाथ ​तो उसके भी दुखे होंगे Haath to us kay be dukhay hongay​

​हाथ ​तो उसके  भी  दुखे  होंगे ज़रूर  ​जिसने मेरी राह में काँटे बिछाए होंगे ​ Haath to uskay be dukhay hongay​ zaroor  Jisne meri ...