Sunday, November 13, 2016

True Experience?

We live in the information age.
Net is overloaded with all kind of information on every topic, every subject. We feel that people are connected - that the world has become smaller. We think that everyone knows what is happening everywhere else in the world. 

But then again, there is so much different and contradictory information available on every subject, that it is hard to know what is right and what is wrong.

The only true information we may rely upon, is our own personal experience. 

But then again- our personal experience also depends on our own observation and perception of the events; by comparing them with our past experiences. We all have different choices, and different ways of looking at things. Therefore, every incidence could be perceived and experienced differently by each individual. 
In fact, a person may even experience the same incidence differently under different circumstances.

Can there be a universal 'true-experience’ in the physical world? 

    ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


  1. Rajan Ji Dhan Nirankar Ji
    I think Atam ka sharir me rehte hooyae parmatam roop hona, can only be classified as true experience in physical world. If not please guide. Cannot think of anything else.

  2. You are right Satnam ji. and That is perhaps the MOST difficult thing because whatever we experience... is experienced by the mind.

  3. Satnam Uncle Ji and Rajan Uncle Ji, I feel this state is the highest and only can come through Deep Meditation and Solitude.

  4. As long as we are in this physical state our current experiences will be filtered through our preceptions, past experiences and our own personal biases. In order to elimate out any and all biases and achieve a completely objective mind we would have to have perfect control over our thoughts, perceptions and ego. Who can say that they can reach this state of perfection in physical form? We cannot have a universal 'true-experience’ in this physical world. We can however, through meditation, self analysis, self control over the mind and true gyan stive to better our experience of the world but perfection is a very long way off.

  5. Thank you Manminder ji for adding your deep and valuable thoughts on this topic. We experience everything through the five senses and the mind, based on our perceptions, preconceived ideas, past experiences and ego. Therefore everyone's experience in the physical world is bound to be different. Truth can only be experienced by the consciousness alone.... in complete silence.


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