Thursday, November 17, 2016

True Experience # 2

We all have different choices, and different ways of looking at things. Therefore, every incidence could be perceived and experienced differently by each individual. 

Not only every incidence is perceived and experienced differently by each individual, but the same cannot be shared or explained properly to others. A personal experience or emotion can never be expressed in its true sense. 

In the Baal-Kaand of 'Ram-Charit-Maanas, Sant Tulsi Das explained it beautifully. He gives a profound logic:

स्याम गौर किमि कहौं बखानी 
गिरा अनयन - नयन बिनु बानी
       (राम चरित मानस बाल काण्ड दोहा 228 के बाद दूसरी चौपाई )

Syaam Gaur kimi Kahaun bakhaani
Giraa Anayan - Nayan Binu baani 
                 Baal-Kaand (Chaupaai between Shloka 228-229)

Devi Seeta's friend,while explaining the beauty of Lord Ram to her, says: 
"How can I explain his beauty to you...
My tongue does not have the ability to see, and my eyes cannot speak". 

Five hundred years after Tulsi Das, a great modern poet Anand Bakhshi expressed the same sentiments in his own words.

तुझको देखा है मेरी नज़रों ने - तेरी तारीफ हो मगर कैसे
कि बने ये नज़र ज़ुबाँ कैसे -  कि बने ये  ज़ुबाँ नज़र कैसे

ना ज़ुबाँ को दिखाई देता है, ना निगाहों से बात होती है
                                                          'आनन्द बख्शी '

Tujhko Dekha hai Meri Nazaron ne, Teri Tareef ho magar kaise
Ki banay ye nazar zubaan kaise, ki banay ye zubaan nazar kaise
Na zubaan ko dikhaayi deta hai - Na nigaahon se baat hoti hai                                                                
'My eyes have seen you – 
but how can your beauty be expressed in words?
How can my eyes turn into tongue?
How can my tongue become the eyes?
Neither the tongue can see nor the eyes can speak'
(In other words, the tongue cannot describe exactly what the eyes see)
What we feel in our heart and mind, can neither be shared, nor can ever be expressed in words.
              'Rajan Sachdeva'


  1. Baba Hardev SIngh Ji Maharaj once said that even if something were to happen in real time (now) everyone who saw the incident would have there own view point and perception, and that is in real time ! He further explained what has been said in the past by previous Gurus and Saints should not be debated as we dont know what exactly was said and really why...He said we should just take the main message of Gyan and Bhakti and not get into academics.


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