Tuesday, November 17, 2015

On the Birthday of my Twin Daughters

It is true that you are getting older,
But you are not only aging......
You are also growing.

Aging is not just decay, it’s also growth. 
As you grow, you learn more, you understand more.

So do not be afraid of aging. It's a process that, regardless of your wish, will happen anyway. 

And remember: If you had stayed at twenty two, you would have been as ignorant now as you were at twenty two.

Those who always want to stay younger or wish they could be young again, you know what that reflects?
It reflects unfulfilled and unsatisfied lives; Lives that have not found meaning.
If you have found meaning, then you would not want to go back.
You would want to continue to go forward.

Yes... you are aging, 
but keep in mind that you are also growing, and getting wiser.

Yes..... You are older than before........
But you are also much stronger and wiser than before.

                         HAPPY BIRTHDAY 
  To the lights of eyes: Karuna and Rachana


  1. Happy birthday to Karuna and Rachana ji. May they enjoy every moment of this blissful life. Stay blessed!!!!

  2. Dear Rajan Ji,
    Very beautiful thoughts!!
    Our best wishes to both your daughters. May Nirankar bless them with long, healthy and prosperous life. Above all with Sewa, Simran, Satsang. Congratulations!

  3. Beautiful and full of wisdom, thanks for sharing!!! Happy birthday Twins...

  4. Congratulations... Wishing them many more happy birthdays ahead...


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