Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bring Them Back

Bring those back who, for some reason are not coming anymore.

And when they do, we usually ​​tend to​ ​taunt them with phrases like:
“So, you are finally here".

"So, you finally decided to show up​...​eh?"
“Where were you for so long? Don't you know it's very important to make your presence here?
 “It’s good that you finally came. Now, don't ever miss again...
 It’s your loss if you don’t come, not ours”. Etc.

We don't realize that we are actually insulting them by saying such things. Knowingly or unknowingly and perhaps unintentionally, we hurt them even more, and make them feel why did they even come today?

​If you really want to bring some one back then just say these three simple things:

We miss you
We love you
We need you

And say these in a genuine way, not superficially.
Make them feel that you really mean it. ​

Don't pressure
​Don't preach
Don’t condemn​

Just let them know that you care. If they really feel loved and welcomed, they will keep coming back.

"Koi kehtaa nahin insay ki chalay aaao ae 'Saaqi'
Shamma ho raushan to parwaanay chalay aate hain"

(Light the candle of love and the seekers will come)

"कोई कहता नहीं इनसे कि चले आओ ऐ 'साक़ी '
     शम्मा हो रौशन, तो परवाने चले आते हैं "

                         ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


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