Thursday, April 2, 2015

हरि बोलया, हरि ने सुनया The Formless spoke and the Formless heard

हरि बोलिया, हरि ने सुनया, हरि आया हरि कै पास 

हरि तो हरि महिं मिल गया, जन उठ चलया उदास 

Hari boleya, Hari ne suneya, Hari aaya Hari kai paas 
Hari to Hari mahin mil gayaa, Jan uth chaleya udaas  

“The Formless (God) spoke and the Formless (spirit) heard when the Formless came to the Formless.

The Formless merged into the Formless and the 'Form', (body) came back sad (for not experiencing the 'Truth')”

Truth is experienced by the soul, not the body. 

As Guru Nanak said:
“Shabad Guru, Surat dhun chelaa"
Neither Guru nor the seeker, the disciple is at the physical plane when it comes to enlightenment.  
If we go as a body to seek Truth from the Guru, while considering him also as a body, we may come back sad and empty handed; without receiving anything.
'Formless' can only be experienced by the Formless Soul, not thru physical senses or intellect. 
It is the Formless who hears when the Formless speaks, and it is the Formless that merges with the Formless. 

हरि आपे सबदु सुरति धुनि आपे ॥ हरि आपे वेखै विगसै आपे

Hari aape Shabad, Surat dhun aape, Hari aape vekhai, Vigasay aape
“The Lord Himself is the Word. He Himself is the awareness.
The Lord Himself sees, and He Himself enjoys.”
                                                                      (SGGS Page 165)

“I (God) am indeed the enjoyer as also the Lord of all actions; but since they (ignorant) do not know me in Reality, so they fail.”
                                                                (Bhagavad Gita 9:24)

“Fools and ignorant do not understand me (God) seeing me in a human form, not realizing my Higher being as the Lord of all beings.”
                                                                           (Bhagavad Gita 9:11)

We must look at the Guru beyond the body to be able to receive the real experience of truth.

                              ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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