Friday, April 10, 2015

A Letter from Bhai Veer Singh ji

Yesterday, I was reading an old Punjabi book "Pyaare Jio", a collection of Bhai Veer Singh ji's letters to his family and friends. I was amazed when I saw this letter dated 13-12-72 after the death of young Jai Raj Singh. I don't know who Jai Raj Singh ji was but I guess he must be a close family member because Bhai Veer Singh ji says that his "work and responsibilities have increased". 

The depth of devotion and acceptance expressed in this letter is remarkable. 

                                                      'Rajan Sachdeva'

English Translation:

Yesterday I wrote a letter to you in a hurry. You need not to worry. I am happy and seeing my beloved’s (God’s) love in this distressful time.  Jai Raj Singh ji has not died, he has simply become unaltered ('Poore' or Perfect) and has reached to a higher place. He had spent his whole life with purity, full of love and engrossed in devotion and Sumiran. His life of twenty eight years is better than twenty eight thousand years. Therefore I have no grievance. Yes: my work and responsibilities have increased. But if this is what my beloved Lord wanted, then it’s all good and I just have to work. Whatever Lord sends my way, it is His wish, and doing that is my duty. Why complain while performing a duty? Just pray that my Lord, my Guru’s love stays in my soul, and my mind does not interfere. May I always be thankful and look at my beloved Lord, not at his doings.
    Signed   - Veer Singh

Note: I am little confused about the year posted on this letter's date. The year is said to be '72 in this book. It could neither be 1872 nor 1972 since his life span was from 1872 to 1957.
Does anyone know?  
Rajan Sachdeva


  1. Respected Rajan Ji,

    Dhan Nirankar J
    Correct date is December 13, 1912

    Jairaj Singh was the younger brother of Bhai Veer Singh Ji. Below is the family tree of Bhai Veer Singh Ji.
    Ashish Sabharwal
    Inline image 1

    1. Thank you Ashish ji for the information.

  2. A good worded and encouraging letter to console the affected family members.


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