Monday, November 3, 2014

Body Clock /The Day Light Savings Time ended

The day light saving time ended on Sunday November 2nd. The clocks were moved one hour back at 2 AM  between Saturday and Sunday night. As usual I woke up at 6:30 am according to my body-clock, but my desk clock was showing 5:30. I guess the body will need a couple of days to adjust to this change.

Those who travel between India and USA or Canada, also experience a big conflict between body and nature's clock. There is nine and a half to twelve and a half hours of difference in time between India and where one lives in the USA or Canada. After traveling for about 18 to 24 hours while going to or coming back from India, the whole routine changes. Day becomes night and night becomes day. The time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleeping or waking up and everything else changes. It takes sometimes 3-4 days or even a week to get adjusted to new routine.

Its amazing how body has its own time clock. If we follow a certain routine for a while and have a set time of sleeping waking and eating then the body programs itself to that routine. Without even looking at the clock, the body tells us when it is time to eat or sleep. It wakes up at the same time even if we did not want to.
Body wants to follow its own time clock.

Same is true with the mind also. If we keep pondering on the same thoughts for a prolonged period of time, whatever they may be; positive or negative, the mind  programs itself to it.
Then even if we do not want to, the mind goes on thinking about the same  thoughts, in the same pattern; over and over.
If we keep thinking negatively for a while then the mind gets programmed into negativity and in any situation, it automatically goes into thinking negatively.

But just as the body adjusts itself to the new routine and environment, with little effort, the old thinking habits of mind can also be broken and programmed into new patterns.

With constant and carefully monitored efforts a  'Negative Thinking Mind' can be changed into an all time 'Positive Thinking Mind'.
                                'Rajan Sachdeva'

Note:   In the USA and Canada, this time change happens twice a year. Clocks are moved one hour backwards in the beginning of the winter and again moved ahead in the beginning of summer.

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