Saturday, November 1, 2014

That which is at rest, should be easy to get hold of.

That which is at rest, should be easy to get hold of, than that, which is moving or changing constantly.

Unfortunately, we do not value or appreciate much to which is easy to get hold of.

We strive to attain which is far away or constantly moving away.
Once we get it, we lose interest in it after a while and start running after something else.

The cycle goes on.

God is at rest and closer than anything else; and should be easy to hold on to, but we usually don’t pay much attention to ‘IT’ and keep running after other things; such as name, fame and power.

                                                                                    ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

Note: The ancient Indian scriptures always used the word ‘IT’.
Since God is ‘Nirakaar’ (formless), no gender can be applied; neither he nor she.

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