Saturday, November 29, 2014

"Nanak Phikka Boliye,Tan-Man Phikka hoye"

              "Nanak Phikka Boliye, Tan-Man Phikka hoye"
“Nanak says: meaningless talks make the body, mind (and surroundings) meaningless”.
In generally speaking, the word Phikka (Punjabi) or Pheeka in Hindi and Urdu means tasteless. Food with no flavor is considered Phikka khana. A fabric or an object with not so bright or faded color is called 'Phikka rang'. 

In terms of speech, 'Phikka Bolna' is usually translated as 'Meaningless-Talk' or 'Just a talk-with no action'.

'Meaningless' does not mean simply the words such as 'da da da or la la la la'. It may also apply to some meaningless talks that make absolutely no sense and to those that are merely speeches without any action.  
However, all spoken words have a potential of creating a chain of actions and reactions, and they usually do. 
Harsh and angry words can start and fuel a heated argument whereas kind and gentle words can create a pleasant and peaceful environment. 

The history of Maha Bharat tells us that this great destructive epic war was rooted in a short phrase spoken by Draupadi: "Andhe ki aulaad andhi" meaning "Blind children of the blind father--Like father like son", to mock and laugh at Duryodhan and his brothers. 
She may not have meant it but the seeds of deep animosity were planted by these three words.

Sometimes we also say things that we consider meaningless and harmless but they may have great consequences too. Later we may say that I did not mean it, but the damage may have already been done. 

That is why the scholars say "Think twice before speaking". 

"Pehalay Tolo phir Bolo" Weigh the consequences, and then speak"

If we cannot do that then another advice was given by the elders:

 "Ik chup - Sau Sukh" (A silence has hundred benefits)

According to Shri Maan Singh ji 'Maan':  
"Kade kisay nu kujh nahin kehnaa chaaheeda
  Ho sakay taan chup hee rehnaa chaaheeda”

 A 'Mahaa-Vaakya' from the great Vedas: 
 "Satyam Bruyaat, Priyam Bruyaat 
   Ma Bruyaat SatyamApriyam"

  "Speak Truth, Speak sweet that is beneficial to all.
   Do not speak if it is harsh, bitter, destructive or damaging even if it
   is true." 

               "Nanak Phikka Boliye, Tan-Man Phikka hoye"

                                                                'Rajan Sachdeva' 

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