Sunday, March 16, 2014

Filling to the fullness

Filling to the fullness may not be always good.

We must stop at the right moment.

And we should know when the right moment is.

If we fill a cup with tea or coffee all the way up to the rim, it would be hard to bring it to the lips without spilling it.

To be able to enjoy that hot tea or coffee, we stop pouring more into the cup at the right moment, just below the rim…. before it’s completely full or it can spoil our clothes or burn the skin.

There is nothing wrong in wanting to have more money and luxurious things to make our life easier, but it is also important to stop at the right moment.

To be able to stop at the right moment, we have to know and be prepared for it.

Unlike filling a cup of coffee, which we can see clearly in front of us, it is very hard to know when that right moment would be in our life.

Everyone has to find out for themselves when that right moment is.  

No one can tell us about it as it may vary from person to person.

                                                                                   (Rajan Sachdeva)

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