Monday, March 17, 2014

Knowledge is learned in four steps


                Knowledge is learned in four steps

Aachaaryaatah Paadamaadatte, Paadam Shishyah Svamedhyaa
Paadam Sah-Brahmchaaribhya:  Paadam Kaala Kramena cha ||

A quarter of knowledge is obtained from the teacher, a quarter due to the student’s own intellect.
Another quarter is gained in the company of fellow students and the remaining quarter from the experience over time.

This is true in every field of learning. Teacher gives the same knowledge to all students but each student receives it according to his or her own talent and level of understanding. Each individual has a different level of grasping power. 

This is also true in the path of spirituality.

The Guru gives the same Gyana to everyone. Some understand it completely and immediately while others may take longer to grasp it.  

We continue to learn, revise and reinforce the Gyana in the company of fellow students or seekers in the form of Sangat or Satsang.

Eventually, over the time, we can grasp and understand the ‘Truth’ with experience thru Sumiran and meditation.

As it was told in the old story of ‘Bopdeva’ :

“Karat Karat Abhyaas kai, Jadmati Hot Sujaan
Rasari Aavat Jaat te,  Sil par parat Nisaan”

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