Sunday, March 2, 2014



The first step would be self-evaluation.

We all have a selective view of ourselves. A carefully drafted beautiful image of " Our-
self "

Just like when we look into a mirror, we stand in a most flattering pose, showing pleasing expressions. When we want our pictures taken, we adjust our pose; fix up the dress and hair, put up a big smile on the face. 

We want to look our best.

In the same way, we have created an image of ourselves that emphasizes the most admirable qualities and minimizes or omits the defects and shortcomings. We see our image as we wish to see. Not the reality. 

So when we begin to focus on 
self-evaluation, Instead of a carefully edited image of ourselves, we should focus on the uncensored truth even though certain aspects of our real image may not be very good and hard to accept.

Acceptance is the first step towards improvement. First we must acknowledge and accept our shortcomings, defects and weaknesses.

 Desire and determination to change are the next big steps. 

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