Friday, December 6, 2013

Birds VS Humans (“Pancchi Rizak Na Baandhate”)

This morning, a friend posted a popular famous quote:

“Pancchi Rizak Na Baandhate”

“The birds do not bring or store their food in their nest for tomorrow.”

The idea behind this quote is that if we want to be happy then we should also not store or plan for tomorrow.

On the surface, as a philosophical quote, it sounds very good but no one, including me and you (the reader) is willing to do it. 


 Because we all know that today’s human life does not work exactly like birds, animals or the cave man.

A bird can sit on any tree on any one's field and feed itself. Can we do the same? Could we just go to any one's farm, home, restaurant or food industry and feed our-self without paying for it? 

Philosophy is great but it has to be practical also. Having no desire or not planning for future is almost impossible for humans. Though having less desires and less ambitions for the future is not only possible but also good for a stress free, comfortable and a happy life.  

We humans need to plan ahead. Even birds and most animals also plan for the future. Birds build their nests before laying eggs and before winter. They know that they can find food anywhere but cannot find shelter in someone else's nest. (Though some strong & cunning birds like crows are known to do that too.) 

The idea of not planning or keeping anything for tomorrow may work with those kind of Sanyaasis who beg for their food every day.

But it cannot work for people who want to have a career, family and home. We all have desires and ambitions. They might be big, or small and limited, but everyone has it.

The key word is ‘Moderation'
                Let’s be practical.

                        ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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