Tuesday, December 31, 2013

We can learn a lot from 'Fundamental laws of Nature' ( Part 2)

3.    Flexibility:
Another thing we can learn from the Nature is flexibility. Grass bends and lies down on the ground during the storms and pops back up after the storm is over. The trees and the branches that bend in the winds survive. The rigid ones resist and break.

It is good to be flexible in life also. Sometimes, when we face problems, it is good to be flexible and flow with what is going on. Sometimes resistance can be more painful and may add more to the problem rather than solving it. Like water, we should learn to take the path of least resistance. Electricity and power flow thru the path of least resistance.

History also shows that ancient Indian religions and cultures have survived thru numerous attacks from being wiped off by adopting flexibility and the path of least resistance.

4.    Nature is not in a hurry :
The changes in Nature happen very slowly. The process of evolution took long. Changes in the oceans and position of continents happened slowly. Every change in nature takes its course.
We want everything right away. We do some good and want something in return right away. We also want our prayers to be answered right away. We want immediate results.
From Nature, We can learn patience.

5.    Change is inevitable:
Changes are constantly occurring in Nature.
We should be ready to accept the changes in our lives too and not be afraid of them.

6.    Nature always tries to keep a balance.

If the pressure drops at one place, the air from another place rushes towards it to keep the balance.
If it is day at one place then it is night somewhere else.
If it is cold at one place, then it’s hot at another one.
It takes water from the sea and makes rain over mountains and fields.
To preserve life and keep a balance, nature created all kind of vegetation, animals that eat grass and vegetables and animals that eat other animals.

Its human interference that creates imbalance in otherwise perfectly balanced nature.  Anything that is out of balance can be catastrophic.
Similar to nature, our lives must also be in balance. Though most of the human characteristics such as ambitions, ego, anger, and attachments are natural but when they become excessive, it creates an imbalance. 
Sant Nirankari mission even advocates to keep balance between Spiritual and worldly life. One without the other may create an imbalance. An over indulgence in the worldly pleasures can never provide everlasting peace and happiness.  To pursue a spiritual life, we need a human body, and human body has physical needs and requirements. We need worldly means to fulfill those needs. Even the enlightened ones, Gurus, saints and highly evolved spiritual people also need the basic requirements such as food, clothes and shelter. For that, one needs money or people who will take care of them. Isn’t it better to take care of one-self instead of becoming dependent on others?
But we must remember that excess of everything is bad. Middle path or balance is the key to success.

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