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We can learn a lot from 'Fundamental laws of Nature'

'Fundamental laws of Nature'

                                     We can learn a lot from the nature.

We are often told that we should spend some time in nature. To look at the beauty of trees, flowers, mountains and stars… to silently look at the butterflies dancing on the flowers or to listen to the chirping of birds and peaceful and tranquilizing sound of rivers.

We can find so much beauty in nature all around us and by becoming a witness, just a silent observer; we can be calm and peaceful.

The great sages, Rishis, Munis of the past used to build their Ashrams in forests far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.
Now days also, many religious and yoga organizations are building their resort centers in the wilderness to provide its members calm and peaceful surroundings / atmosphere and a temporary relief from crowds and noisy environment of the cities.

This is all very good and undoubtedly beneficial for our physical and mental health; but there might be another reason when the sages said “Look at the nature”. There might be another deeper meaning behind this phrase.

There is so much we can learn from the nature, by carefully observing the laws of the Nature. 
Such as: 
   1.      Nature recycles itself.

Life flourishes in many different forms and eventually, sooner or later, comes to an end.

     But is it really ‘The end”?  Maybe not.

Plants, trees, and animal bodies decay and turn into minerals, gases and fertilizers for new plants and vegetation, which again, becomes food for birds and animals. The process of recycling goes on and on.

There is another way that life recycles itself.

Plant or trees pass on the life in form of seeds and continue to live as new plants.

Animals, birds and humans also continue to live in a different way when they pass on part of themselves in the form of genes and DNA to the next generation thru the process of reproduction. The same genes and DNA is recycled in different forms. It seems like a never ending process.

When we carefully observe this law of nature, we learn that everything including the life itself transforms and comes back in a different form, then it would be easy to understand that the Soul or Consciousness also comes back into a different form or body and continues to exist. When soul or consciousness transforms and adopts a new body, we call it Re-incarnation.

   2.    Everything that flourishes eventually dissolves back into its source. 

Some things may flourish just for few moments, hours or days, while some others may be there for billions of years… but eventually everything dissolves into its source.

All living beings die, decay and dissolve back into their source like earth, water, fire, air etc.

Soul or the consciousness also has to merge back into its source, the Super-soul or Super-consciousness.

But, in order to dissolve or merge back into the source, they have to go thru a process. A process of decaying. Warmer the temperature, faster it decays.
That is why ancient Hindus developed the idea of burning the dead bodies to quickly dissolve the basic elements of the physical body.

The soul or consciousness also has to go thru a process in order to merge back into its source.

That process is to work towards emptiness and openness ... to cultivate stillness and calmness… as the ultimate reality according to the scriptures is Nirankar, or Formless, Shoonya or emptiness, Aakaashvat or wast openness and Nishchal or still, Shaant or silent and peaceful.

In order to achieve ‘Moksha’, to become one with God, the Almighty, we need to develop these qualities.

“Harijan aesa chaahiye jo Hari hee jaisa hoye”  (Kabeer Ji)

“The Brahmgyani Saint has to become just the way God is” (Sant Kabeer ji)

Just like the fire can quickly dissolve the physical elements back into their source, A Brahm Gyani Guru, the enlightened one can instantaneously make us understand the reality and the company of realized souls can help us along the path of achieving the goal of becoming one with the 

   To be continued..........
                                                                   'Rajan Sachdeva'

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  1. Thank you Rajan Ji. An amazing piece. Have also noticed, that
    1. Grass that is flexible endures storms whereas erect trees that are firm and rigid, often find themselves uprooted in the face of storms.
    2. Nature nurtures living beings all over in some way or the other. Either by producing fruits and vegetables, by providing shade, providing tranquility, by providing housing and shelter and so on.
    Bless us that we are able to adopt these virtues of nature of flexibility and developing the ability to nurture ourselves, our loved ones and our fellow brethren.
    Have a blessed day.
    Ashwin Ahuja


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