Friday, December 13, 2013

Beliefs may not be wrong after all.

Beliefs, even the false beliefs, may not be wrong after all. 

Fantasies and some beliefs may seem like nonsense but at least, they stimulate the brain cells. When we look at the things as they are, our brain remains sort of inactive. It simply perceives it as it is, but when we start to imagine or fantasize around those same things, our brain suddenly becomes stimulated and very active. For example, take the analogy of 'Rope vs. snake'. We find a piece of black thick twisted rope lying on the floor. If we know that it’s a rope, we cross it or walk by it without paying any further attention to it. But if we, even mistakenly, perceive it as a snake, our whole attitude towards it changes immediately. A current of fear runs thru our body and the brain starts to work fast. We may stop and start looking at it carefully to see what it really is, or immediately start running in the opposite direction. 

The ‘knowledge’, that it is a piece of rope, makes us at ease, while the ‘belief’ that it’s a snake stimulates us and makes us find an alternative. 

Should we believe in miracles? Do they really happen?

Everyone perceives it differently, in their own way.

A Brahm Gyani knows thru his knowledge that everything happens just the way it is supposed to happen. That nothing is permanent; everything good or bad shall eventually pass. So he stays calm and at peace in every situation.

For the rest of us, believing in miracles gives us hope and relieves some stress in adverse situations.

 ‘Belief’ can stimulate and direct our mind to a different direction, to find an alternative way to relieve stress and find peace thru prayer and devotion. Thru Satsang, Seva and Sumiran. 

Every new invention was just a fantasy or an imagination at one point. Every scientific theory started with a belief that, after doing some intensive research, turned into knowledge of reality.  

As long as we keep moving forward and try to find the next step, the ‘Gyana’, beliefs are a good way to start.

                                                 ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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