Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Spiritual Journey is individual and Not Easy

The path of spirituality may not be smooth and flowery and it has to be walked alone.

Guru Kabeer ji says:

जहँ मार्ग पंडित गए   पाछे गई वहीर
इक औघट घाटी राम की तहँ चढ़ रहियो कबीर

"Jehn maarg pandit gaye paachhe gayi vaheer
Ik aughat ghaati Raam ki tehn chadh rahiyo Kabeer"

"The crowds (of people) follow the path which has been taken and guided by the religious and 
community leaders.
Kabeer ji says that he is climbing the most difficult mountainous road of ups and downs ... all alone".   
                                                                                     (Kabeer ji)

"Kshurasya Dhaaraa Nishitaa Duratyaya
Durgam PathastatKaveyo Vadanti" 

"The wise proclaim that the path to cross over (to achieve Moksha) is extremely difficult (Durgam). 
It is like walking on the sharp edge of a razor-blade."
                                                     (Kathopanishad section 3 Verse 14)

"Khaneyahu Tikhi vaalahu nikki aitu maarg jaanaa"
"The path to be taken is sharper than a sword and thinner than a hair"
                                                                     (Sri Aadi Granth page 918)

Jesus Christ also expressed a similar idea: 
"Strive to enter in at the straight gate, for narrow is the gate and straight is the way that leads to life, 
and few be they who find it."

This journey requires abundant strength and firm determination.
Just as Guru Gobind Singh ji said:

"Je tau prem khelan kau chaao - Sir dhar tali gali mori aao"
"Enter the street (to my house) with your head on your palm"

Head is symbol of Ego. No one can embark on this journey carrying the bundles of ego, anger, 
jealousy and hatred etc. - instead - keep love, humility and compassion as companions.

                           'Rajan Sachdeva'


  1. Thank you Uncle Ji, my father and I exactly were talking about this today, Bhakti is very difficult and we must understand this also. With this expectation if we move forward we will realise as we learn to ride a bike once you fall you keep getting back up until you ride. Wonderful quotes so many similarities.


  2. Thank you David ji
    Since you mentioned:"Wonderful quotes so many similarities".....

    I would like to point out that all Eastern spiritual philosophies are not just similar but almost exactly the same. It is only because of our ignorance about the other Scriptures, or when we refuse to accept or even to read the so called 'Scriptures of others' for the political reasons - that we think a particular concept is a unique quality of our own religion. And that is the main reason of clashes between many religious organizations and their followers.

  3. Very well explanation..... saints said,kaanch ke Mandi Mein sach ka grahak koi koi.....


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