Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Jaisa Ann Taisa Man.. Food vs Thoughts Part 3

Now, let’s try to put the theories “Food vs Thoughts” and “Body vs Mind”, both together.

We know that mind and body, both influence each other.
According to Nature’s law, the stronger always wins. In the analogy of ‘the horse and the wagon’ mentioned in the previous article of ‘Body and Mind’, a stronger horse can pull the wagon out of mud whereas an old and weak horse will fail to do so.

Another example could be taken of ‘Fire and Water’.

What happens when we throw water on burning fire?
A bucket of water thrown over a small fire; a small log of wood or in a small stove, will put the fire out.
But the same amount of water thrown on a huge fire such as a burning house or a forest will be quickly evaporated, without doing much damage to the fire.

Again, the stronger wins.

Therefore, a weaker mind could be easily affected by not only the food we eat, but by the ‘intake’ from all the five senses, while a stronger mind would be able to disregard their influence.

We live in the era where tons of information is not only available, but constantly being thrown at us. Intentionally or unintentionally, we end up gathering a lot of ‘food’ or ‘the intake’, especially through the vision and sound.

As per the saying “ Jaisa Ann, Taisa man”: it is definitely good, and in some cases, may even be necessary to have control over all the ‘intakes’, but it might be better to have a much stronger mind that cannot be influenced by everything we see, hear, eat or touch.  

          ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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