Thursday, October 22, 2015

Art - Poetry and Thoughts

From time immemorial, Man has been inquisitive about seeing and exploring new things and it is this inquisitiveness that has excited and inspired him to create new things. While this curiosity inspired man to create tools and invent machines and other devices, art too was borne from this inspiration which later evolved and blossomed into various other forms of arts like music, painting, drama, singing, and poetry etc.

However this inspiration is not limited to just the creation of the artwork. To share one’s creations with others, the desire to showcase the craft, and in turn expect admiration and accolations is embedded in human nature.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons; an artist is forever inspired to create something new.

But every work of an artist does not always get recognition and find admiration. The artist’s own thoughts and imagination are the main factors of every creation. Behind every art work and creation, lie the artist’s thoughts, unleashed imagination and his/her own reflection. The deeper the thoughts; the richer the imagination: the higher the mind soars with the wings of imagination, the more beautiful the creation will be!
And a creation that mesmerizes the beholder deserves true admiration and applauds.

The same applies to poets and writers too. Undoubtedly the choice of flowery words, cautiously selected metaphors enhance the profundity of thoughts, and ornate descriptions do render a wondrous quality to poetry and writing, yet a depth of meaning and heights of imagination are the life of the creation; that is what gives the soul to a piece of poetry.

If a piece of writing is enriched with beautiful words and correct grammar, if the language is good, the words chosen are apt and beautiful- and the rhythm, meter and kafia (rhyme) too are appropriate but there is no novelty in the idea behind it, then such a Ghazal or poem may fail to receive a splendid applaud from the audience.

Although any composition or piece of art that quickly grabs the attention from the audiences is considered beautiful, worthy and laudable, however, one of ancient India’s visionary philosopher and poet ‘Maagh’ expressed the following view:

  "क्षणै: क्षणै: यन्ननवतामुपैति, तदैव रूपम् रमणीयतायाः  (महाकवि माघ)

A piece of art or poetry that presents itself anew to the audience each time it is seen or heard is what is truly beautiful and delightful.

Such an idea or creation is above and beyond time and becomes immortal.

And that is why the verses of the Bhagavad Gita, Adi Granth and the writings of Tulasi das, Surdas, Mirabai, Sant Ravidas, Guru Kabir, Guru Nanak and the Sufi saints have become immortal. Today, these are not only heard and read with a great deal of respect but are being continuously researched by great scholars also. Because each time any of these pieces are heard or read, there is something new that surfaces which is yet to be understood. Every time, a thinker and philosopher finds new meaning, new interpretations and wisdom in them.

 “Sahib mera neet navan”

Being with the Lord, a Bhakta discovers something new every time about Him. 

The love and curiosity doesn’t diminish for that which offers something new each time.

                                               ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

 "साहिब मेरा नीत नवां"   (गु: ग्रं: सा: 660)

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