Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Keep The Fork

It was quite unusual scene.

During the viewing of the open coffin at the funeral of Mrs. X, everyone was surprised to see a fork placed on her dead body.  
Every one kept staring at the fork and occasionally looking at each other, wondering; and trying to figure out why that fork was placed there.
Not able to hold their curiosity any longer, someone asked the priest about this strange new custom. The priest said he did not know the reason, but it was definitely in accordance with the last wish of Mrs. X.

At the end of the ceremony, the elder son read her eulogy* and told how his mother lived a happy and joyous life with faith and contentment, and with positive attitude. He shared many memorable incidents from her life and added:
“She was also very fond of cooking and quite often invited family and friends over for dinners. While clearing the table after the dinner was over, she would always say "hold on to your forks. Something better is yet to come" and then she would go to the kitchen to bring out the dessert. 
Just before she died, she requested that a fork be placed in her casket along with her.

Obviously she knew that it’s not over, and something better was yet to come.                                                 
(Note: This inspiring story is based on the speech of Dr. Rai in Chicago on June 7, 2015)

*Eulogy.... A speech by the family members or friends about the life of the departed loved ones. 

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