Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father’s Day……. A comparative reality

In one of the recent news telecasts, it was stated that according to the National Retail Federation, every year the amount spent on Father’s Day gifts has been significantly less than the average money spent on Mother’s Day.
In the USA, people generally spend about 60 to 70% more on Mother’s days than on Father’s days.

That led to a dialogue between the 3 news reporters (two men and a woman), which was something like this:

One reporter said “dads seem to get a growing collection of ‘funny looking green and red’ ties on Father’s day, whereas mothers seem to be showered with flowers, fancy dinners, expensive clothes and heart shaped diamond necklaces on Mother’s day.

The second reporter said: That’s right. For past several years on Mother’s day; my wife received UPS deliveries all day long from our 3 children, whereas I only received a phone call or just one line text messages.

The lady reporter just kept smiling and said that may not be true because her husband got a gift of tool-box from the children.
And the male reporter goes “Wow… really? And I am sure that’s a hint that he needs to fix the things around the house.

Everyone was just laughing and seemed to be having fun.

That leads to a question: why is there so much disparity? 
Is it because of the fact that the kids love their father less than their mother or is it due to some other reason? 
During last Sunday’s congregation in New Jersey, one gentleman jokingly said:

“One of the explanations could be that as the mother’s day approaches, mothers are very good at dropping hints as to what they want their children to get for them.
Whereas the fathers either themselves don’t know what they want or even if they do, they are unable to express themselves.
Generally, women are more vocal than men, and are less hesitant to say or ask for what they want. Whereas traditionally, fathers have been more aligned with the “provider” role and hence asking the children to give them gifts seems unnatural to them”. 

But it is also true that nothing can amount to or even compare to the pain and suffering a mother goes through in bringing a life in this world. So it seems quite natural for the child to feel closer to the mother than the father and wanting to do more for her.

My advice:

“Do not be jealous of the mother’s, Oh fathers.
Even if you get a simple text message saying ‘Happy Father’s Day’,
Be happy and content.
Be happy that you are remembered at least.

Contentment is the key to happiness.

As Guru Kabeer ji says:

 अहिरख वाद ना कीजे रे मन 
 सुक्रित कर कर लीजे रे मन 

“Ahirakh vaad na keeje re man
  Sukrit kar kar leeje re man”

Do not indulge in envy and be jealous, Oh my mind
Achieve (what you want) by doing good and honest deeds, Oh my mind.”   (Page 479)

             ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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