Saturday, June 27, 2015

Satyam- Shivam- Sundaram

The Hebrews and Arabs based their religions (Judaism and Islam) on the concept of an all-powerful God as a king or the ruler, along with strict codes of conduct, rules and rituals.

Greeks based their religion on Beauty….. Worshiping beautiful idles, statues, carvings and paintings of Gods.

Jesus built his religion on Truth; love and goodness.

Most eastern religions are based on the philosophy of:
‘Satyam- Shivam- Sundaram’.

Satyam is Truth, Shivam is Cosmic Energy or Supreme power, and Sundaram means beauty.

Hindus, Sikhs, Nirankaris and numerous other Vedantic schools of thought believe in an Almighty, all-pervading formless and attributes-less supreme power but at the same time, also believe in a personified, personal God with pure love, goodness and divinity. All qualities, that is the Eternal Reality, Divine ideal and Beauty of heart (love and goodness), all together in one place.  

       ‘Satyam- Shivam- Sundaram’

         ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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