Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dr. Dalip Singh Ji Patiala completed his journey

‘Gurmukh janam savaar Dargah chaleya’
There are some people, who not only achieve the fulfillment in their own life, but help others also to achieve it. One such simple but great soul was Dr. Dalip Singh ji of Patiala who completed his worldly journey yesterday at the age of 94.  

He was a man of few words, extremely polite and humble, who lived all his life with simplicity and great devotion. He had received bachelor in English from Lahore University in early 1940’s, which was considered quite an achievement in those days.
After partition, they lived in Amritsar for a while and came in Contact with Sh. Rajkavi ji. After receiving Gyan from Bhapa Ram Chand ji in 1958, he moved to Patiala along with his family where he spent much of his time in Sumiran, twice a day Satsang; every morning and evening, and selflessly serving the saints and community.

Though he was one of the rare people among the older generation in Patiala Satsang group with a college degree but he never showed it off. Besides his regular job of working in the Punjab electricity board, he also learned the science of homeopathy and started a homeopathic dispensary at the Bhavan. Soon, everyone lovingly started calling him 'Dr. Dalip Singh ji'.  Before going to his office, he used to spend couple of hours every morning to see and help patients with free Homeopathic medicines and whatever else he could do, which he continued till about couple of years ago. Even though he was an old timer, a senior and active member of the Patiala Sangat, he never wanted or expected any designation or credit for his selfless services.

When I visited Patiala in November last year, I was told he was over 93 and yet came to the Satsang every morning all year long on a rickshaw, being unable to ride his scooter or bike. 

I had the privilege of, not only seeing or meeting him but seeing his life closely. 

When I went to join my first job as junior lecturer at Government Women College in Patiala, I stayed a few days at the Bhavan. I was trying to find a room to rent for myself but being unfamiliar with the city, was not able to find a suitable place. Sant Bhai sahib Amar Singh ji did not want me to rent a place. He wanted me to stay at the Bhavan. However, after a week or so, upon my insistence and of course after receiving a word from Bhapa Ram Chand ji Kapurthala, he decided to help me find a place. Since I was quite young at that time and new and a stranger in that city, he wanted to find an appropriate place with right environment for me. Next day, after the morning Satsang, he asked Dr. Dalip Singh ji if they can spare the outer room in their home and rent it to me. Even though, having four children and only three rooms in their house, they had no intention of renting out any room; he simply bowed his head and said "Sat Vachan". Not only I got a nice place, I got the opportunity to live with a wonderful and devoted saintly family.
Because of his simple and humble life style, I could have never imagined that he was B.A. in English and could speak fluently in English. Besides the college education and knowledge of Homeopathy, he also had a great deal of knowledge of the Sikh Holy scriptures. Being from a Hindu traditional family, I did not, at that time, know much about Sikh religion. He introduced me to some other books such as Janam Saakhi and Panth Prakash etc.

As they say, "Behind every successful man, there is a woman."
He was very fortunate to have an equally devoted, understanding and supportive life partner. His wife, whom we call 'Bee ji', is an amazing tall woman with many great qualities. She is so energetic and full of love for everyone. I was just a tenant in their house, but she always treated me like her own children, used to cook for me quite often and sometimes, even wash my clothes. She would happily serve anyone and everyone who walked into the house regardless of who they came to visit; to see them or to me. I know loving and caring is her own personal quality, but she used to say that this kind of hospitality was a part of the culture that she grew up with during her early childhood in the Frontier region, now in Pakistan. I don't know about now after all these years, but in those days, she could fluently speak in Pashto, the language of the Pathaans of the Frontier and Afghanistan.   

One thing I can never forget about both of them. 

Even though they were as old as my parents and treated me like their son, (I was about 22 at that time) but they never called me by my name. They always called me "Bhai Sahib Ji".  Not only I requested but repeatedly insisted that since I called them Bee ji and Bhapa ji, they should call me by my name. Their answer was always the same; "we love you but we also want to maintain the 'Gurmukhi Rishta', which they always did; even till today**.

Though Dr. Dalip Singh ji lived a quite long, happy and meaningful life, and got to see his great-grandchildren, though he accomplished many things in his life and achieved many qualities and virtues, I believe simplicity and humbleness were his best virtues of all. 

Bhai Sahib Dalip Singh ji did not 'die', rather "Poore ho gaye*", has become 'Poorn'* after completing his journey successfully.

As the Holy Gurubani says:

"Sooraj Kiran mili, Jal ka jal huaa Raam
 Jyoti jyot rali sampoorn theeaa kaam."

                      'Rajan Sachdeva' 
                                    May 8, 2015

"Gurmukh janam savaar dargah chaleya
 Sachi dargah jaaye, sachaa pidh maleya" (Bhai Gurdas ji)

Note:  *'Poorn' and Poore means Complete, fulfilled or accomplished. 

**After hearing the news, when I called Bee ji this morning, first, perhaps because of bad signal or for whatever reason, she could not understand me. After I said couple of times loudly "this is Rajan from America", her tone suddenly changed and affectionately and emotionally, she said "Oh...Bhai Sahib Ji? I am so touched that you have called". 

  •  Their elder son Harikishan Singh ji lives in the Sant Nirankari Bhavan Sydney, Australia.


  1. He truly was and excellent role model. Dassi had a chance to stay at Patiala for one week in December 2012. Every single day in the early morning (cold winter time), I saw him in the sangat.
    May I follow his any many such gursikhs' footsteps!

  2. A big Thank to you for sharing a saint's life with your own experience!! Wonderful teachings !! What a life he lived !! Thanks for such inspirational thoughts !!

    Kind Regards

  3. Many Thanks, Rev.Rajan ji, for portraying the personality of our dear Bhapaji in a very vivid manner. Yes, he was a man of few words and indeed lived his life in simplicity, yet adorned by the teachings of the Satguru and the principles of Sant Nirankari Mission. He shall keep inspiring us and keep living in our hearts forever.

    Warm regards,
    Bonny, Sony, Mini

  4. Rev. Rajan uncle, you made the memories of my childhood come alive with your beautiful and gratifying post. The soul of our dear Nanaji "Bhapaji" has united with the Supersoul, the sublime Nirankar and has left us with an example of a life lived full of selfless devotion for the Satguru.
    May we all pick up these values of love, compassion and humility from him and be able to do Sewa, Simran and Satsang always.

    Mini Awtar
    (Grand daughter)

  5. Dhan nirankar ji
    My nanaji Dr.Dalip Singh ji gave me the treasure of life, gave me the knowledge of GURUMUKHI RISHTA what it is and how to maintain it by setting an example of his own. He was always a soft spoken person. He inculcated virtues and values of positive living in satsang. Above all he loved me profusely. I will always miss him not because he was my nana ji but also because he was a wonderful person........... a wonderful saint.
    Sony (Ritu bagga )

  6. This type of lifestyle Offcourse inspired us.

  7. That is such a wonderful story Rajanjee. So much to learn from their example.
    Thank you for sharing.


  8. This is a true example of action speaks louder than words. Truly learning examples if saints life is always an inspiration to fellow saints and I am so thankful to HH and all sash sang at who by examples are helping us a balanced life and achieve pooranta in our life too. As you rightfully said in your former post this is how you can still live even after death. DNJ.


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