Monday, December 29, 2014

Start Early भलके उठि हरि नामु धिआवै ॥ਭਲਕੇ ਉਠਿ ਹਰਿ ਨਾਮੁ ਧਿਆਵੈ ॥

The best time to awaken both body and spirit is in the early morning when we are fresh, in solitude, and the vibrations of the world are at their calmest. It is not surprising that you will find all experienced meditators and yogis up with the dawn, inviting the sun of spirit to shine into the heart of their soul. The first half hour of conscious awareness will be the foundation of your day. Make an early start. Meditate, set the switch of your consciousness and calibrate your energy for the day. You'll be surprised to see the difference it makes. 
                                                            ('The Teachers of Yoga’)  

I had seen some great saints of our times such as Bhapa Ram Chand ji Kapurthala, Sant Amar Singh ji Patiala, Giani Joginder Singh ji Faridkot (later in England), and Rishi Vyas Dev ji sitting up in their bed in early morning doing Sumiran.

गुर सतिगुर का जो सिखु अखाए सु भलके उठि हरि नामु धिआवै ॥

Gur sagur kā jo sik akāe so balke uṯẖ har nām ḏẖiāvai.

One who calls himself a disciple of the Guru, the True Guru, rises up in the early morning hours and meditate on the Lord's Name. 
                                                      (Mehla 4: Guru Ram Das ji)

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